A configuration for a Metal capture session.


class MTLCaptureDescriptor : NSObject


Setting Capture Parameters

var captureObject: Any?

The object whose contents should be captured.

var destination: MTLCaptureDestination

The destination for any captured command data.

var outputURL: URL?

A URL for a file to write the capture data into.


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See Also

Capturing a Frame Programmatically

Capturing GPU Command Data Programmatically

Invoke Metal’s frame capture from your app under the specific runtime conditions you choose.

Capturing Metal Commands Programmatically

Invoke Metal’s frame capture from your app, then save the resulting GPU trace to a file or view it in Xcode.

Creating a Custom Capture Scope

Use custom capture scopes to control which commands get captured.

class MTLCaptureManager

An object you use to capture Metal command data in your app.

protocol MTLCaptureScope

An object that defines custom boundaries for a GPU frame capture.

enum MTLCaptureDestination

The kinds of destinations for captured command data.

let MTLCaptureErrorDomain: String

The error domain for capture errors.

enum MTLCaptureError

Errors returned by capture sessions.