Compilation settings for a Metal shader library.


@interface MTLCompileOptions : NSObject


Use a MTLCompileOptions object to specify how a new Metal shader library should be compiled. If you want to set the following options, use standard allocation and initialization techniques to create a MTLCompileOptions object and then set any or all of these properties:

  • To allow the compiler to perform optimizations for floating-point arithmetic that may violate the IEEE 754 standard, set fastMathEnabled to YES.

  • To target previous OS releases, set languageVersion to a supported Metal shading language version.

  • Set preprocessorMacros to a list of preprocessor macros to be considered when compiling this code.

The MTLCompileOptions object is used with either the newLibraryWithSource:options:error: or newLibraryWithSource:options:completionHandler: method of MTLDevice to compile shading language functions into a new library.


Specifying Compiler Options


A Boolean value that indicates whether the compiler can perform optimizations for floating-point arithmetic that may violate the IEEE 754 standard.


The language version used to interpret the library source code.


Metal shading language versions.


A list of preprocessor macros to apply when compiling the library source.


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