Information about the arguments of a compute function.


class MTLComputePipelineReflection : NSObject


An MTLComputePipelineReflection object provides access to the arguments of the compute function used in an MTLComputePipelineState object. An MTLComputePipelineReflection object can be created along with an MTLComputePipelineState object. Don't create an MTLComputePipelineReflection object directly. Instead, call either the makeComputePipelineState(function:options:reflection:) or makeComputePipelineState(function:options:completionHandler:) method of MTLDevice to create both an MTLComputePipelineState object and an MTLComputePipelineReflection object.

MTLComputePipelineReflection objects can use a significant amount of memory; release any strong references to them after you finish creating pipeline objects.


Obtaining the Arguments of the Compute Function

var arguments: [MTLArgument]

An array of objects that describe the arguments of a compute function.

Releasing the Reflection Object

typealias MTLAutoreleasedComputePipelineReflection

A convenience type alias for an autoreleased compute pipeline reflection object.


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Function Argument Information

struct MTLPipelineOption

The compilation options that determine which argument information to provide.

class MTLRenderPipelineReflection

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class MTLArgument

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enum MTLDataType

Data types for function arguments.

enum MTLArgumentType

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enum MTLArgumentAccess

Function access restrictions to argument data in the shading language code.