Options for the CPU cache mode that define the CPU mapping of the resource.


enum MTLCPUCacheMode : UInt


Specifying the Cache Mode

case defaultCache

The default CPU cache mode for the resource, which guarantees that read and write operations are executed in the expected order.

case writeCombined

A write-combined CPU cache mode that is optimized for resources that the CPU writes into, but never reads.

See Also

Reading Memory and Storage Properties

var cpuCacheMode: MTLCPUCacheMode

The CPU cache mode that defines the CPU mapping of the resource.


var storageMode: MTLStorageMode

The location and access permissions of the resource.


var hazardTrackingMode: MTLHazardTrackingMode

A mode that determines whether Metal tracks and synchronizes resource access.


var resourceOptions: MTLResourceOptions

The storage mode, CPU cache mode, and hazard tracking mode of the resource.


enum MTLStorageMode

Options for the memory location and access permissions for a resource.

enum MTLHazardTrackingMode

The options you use to specify the hazard tracking mode.