An object that configures new MTLDepthStencilState objects.


@interface MTLDepthStencilDescriptor : NSObject


A MTLDepthStencilDescriptor object is used to define a specific configuration of the depth and stencil stages of a rendering pipeline. To create a MTLDepthStencilDescriptor object, use standard allocation and initialization techniques.

To enable writing the depth value to a depth attachment, set the depthWriteEnabled property to YES.

The depthCompareFunction property specifies how the depth test is performed. If a fragment’s depth value fails the depth test, the fragment is discarded. MTLCompareFunctionLess is a commonly used value for depthCompareFunction, because fragment values that are farther away from the viewer than the pixel depth value (a previously written fragment) fail the depth test and are considered occluded by the earlier depth value.

The frontFaceStencil and backFaceStencil properties define two independent stencil descriptors: one for front-facing primitives and the other for back-facing primitives, respectively. Both properties can be set to the same MTLStencilDescriptor object.


Specifying Depth Operations


The comparison that is performed between a fragment’s depth value and the depth value in the attachment, which determines whether to discard the fragment.


A Boolean value that indicates whether depth values can be written to the depth attachment.

Specifying Stencil Descriptors for Primitives


The stencil descriptor for back-facing primitives.


The stencil descriptor for front-facing primitives.

Identifying Properties


A string that identifies this object.


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