Instance Method


Presents the drawable on the screen as soon as possible.



func present()


Graphics and compute commands can schedule render or write requests to a given drawable. A drawable tracks whether it has outstanding render or write requests on it and will not present until those requests have been completed.

In this case, the drawable's presentation occurs as soon as possible, but only after the command buffer has completed all render or write requests for that drawable.

See Also

Presenting the Drawable

func present(afterMinimumDuration: CFTimeInterval)

Presents the drawable on the screen after waiting for the previous drawable to meet the minimum display time.


func present(at: CFTimeInterval)

Presents the drawable on the screen at a specific host time.


func addPresentedHandler(MTLDrawablePresentedHandler)

Registers a block of code that is called immediately after the drawable has been presented on the screen.


typealias MTLDrawablePresentedHandler

A block of code invoked when a drawable has been presented.

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