An object that can capture, track, and manage resource dependencies across command encoders.


protocol MTLFence


A MTLFence object is typically used to track a sub-allocated resource created from a MTLHeap object. However, it can also track a non-heap resource that specifies a hazardTrackingModeUntracked resource option.

Don’t implement this protocol yourself; instead, to create a MTLFence object, call the makeFence() method of a MTLDevice object. A command encoder can either update a fence or wait for a fence. Refer to the methods listed in the following table for further information.


Identifying the Fence

var device: MTLDevice

The device object that created the fence.


var label: String?

A string that identifies the fence.


Specifying Render Stages

struct MTLRenderStages

The render stage at which a synchronization command is triggered.


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