An object that contains the mutability options for buffers used in a render or compute pass.


class MTLPipelineBufferDescriptor : NSObject


The Metal driver may perform certain optimizations if you specify that neither the CPU nor the GPU will modify a buffer's contents between the time the buffer is set in a function's argument table and the time its associated command buffer completes execution. These types of read-only buffers are considered immutable, and you and can define them by setting the mutability property of their associated MTLPipelineBufferDescriptor object to MTLMutability.immutable. Use immutable buffers as much as possible, for either regular buffers or argument buffers.


Specifying Buffer Mutability

var mutability: MTLMutability

A mutability option that determines whether a buffer's contents can be modified.

enum MTLMutability

The options that determine the mutability of a buffer's contents.


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Specifying Buffer Mutability

var buffers: MTLPipelineBufferDescriptorArray

The buffer mutability options for a compute pipeline's kernel function.