An array of MTLPipelineBufferDescriptor objects.


class MTLPipelineBufferDescriptorArray : NSObject


Accessing Array Elements

subscript(Int) -> MTLPipelineBufferDescriptor!

Returns the pipeline buffer descriptor at the specified array index.


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Specifying the Compute Function and Associated Data

var computeFunction: MTLFunction?

The compute function to be compiled into the pipeline state object.

var threadGroupSizeIsMultipleOfThreadExecutionWidth: Bool

A Boolean that indicates whether the threadgroup size must always be a multiple of the thread execution width.

var maxTotalThreadsPerThreadgroup: Int

The maximum number of threads allowed for a threadgroup dispatched to the compute function.

var stageInputDescriptor: MTLStageInputOutputDescriptor?

The organization of input and output data for the compute function.

var buffers: MTLPipelineBufferDescriptorArray

The buffer mutability options for a compute pipeline's kernel function.

class MTLPipelineBufferDescriptor

An object that contains the mutability options for buffers used in a render or compute pass.

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