A description of a pointer.


class MTLPointerType : MTLType


Describing the Pointer Elements

var alignment: Int

The required byte alignment in memory for the element data.

var dataSize: Int

The size, in bytes, of the element data.

var elementType: MTLDataType

The data type of the element data.

var access: MTLArgumentAccess

The function’s read/write access to the element data.

var elementIsArgumentBuffer: Bool

A Boolean value that indicates whether the element is an argument buffer.

Obtaining Details for Complex Pointer Elements

func elementArrayType() -> MTLArrayType?

Provides a description of the underlying array when the pointer points to an array.

func elementStructType() -> MTLStructType?

Provides a description of the underlying struct when the pointer points to a struct.


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Function Argument Information

struct MTLPipelineOption

The compilation options that determine which argument information to provide.

class MTLComputePipelineReflection

Information about the arguments of a compute function.

class MTLRenderPipelineReflection

Information about the arguments of a graphics function.

class MTLArgument

Information about an argument of a graphics or compute function.

class MTLType

A description of a data type.

class MTLStructType

A description of a structure.

class MTLArrayType

A description of an array.

class MTLTextureReferenceType

A description of a texture.

enum MTLDataType

Data types for function arguments.

enum MTLArgumentType

The resource type associated with an argument of a function.

enum MTLArgumentAccess

Function access restrictions to argument data in the shading language code.

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