Descriptions for the rasterization rates to apply to the set of layers in a rate map.


class MTLRasterizationRateLayerArray : NSObject



Accessing Members of the Array

subscript(Int) -> MTLRasterizationRateLayerDescriptor?

Retrieves the sample value at the specified index.

class MTLRasterizationRateLayerDescriptor

The minimum rasterization rates to apply to sections of a layer in the render target.


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Configuring the Rate Map Layers

var layerCount: Int

The number of layers in the rate map.

func layer(at: Int) -> MTLRasterizationRateLayerDescriptor?

Returns the layer description for a layer in the rate map.

func setLayer(MTLRasterizationRateLayerDescriptor?, at: Int)

Sets a configuration for a layer rate map.

var layers: MTLRasterizationRateLayerArray

The rasterization rates for one or more layers in the rate map.