Instance Method


Sets a configuration for a layer rate map.


func setLayer(_ layer: MTLRasterizationRateLayerDescriptor?, at layerIndex: Int)



A description of a layer to add to the rate map descriptor. Use nil to remove the layer at that index.


The index to put the new layer description in.


Calling this method is equivalent to using array subscript syntax.

See Also

Configuring the Rate Map Layers

var layerCount: Int

The number of layers in the rate map.

func layer(at: Int) -> MTLRasterizationRateLayerDescriptor?

Returns the layer description for a layer in the rate map.

var layers: MTLRasterizationRateLayerArray

The rasterization rates for one or more layers in the rate map.

class MTLRasterizationRateLayerArray

Descriptions for the rasterization rates to apply to the set of layers in a rate map.

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