Instance Method


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func memoryBarrier(resources: [MTLResource], after: MTLRenderStages, before: MTLRenderStages)

See Also

Synchronizing Command Execution for Untracked Resources

func updateFence(MTLFence, after: MTLRenderStages)

Updates the given fence to capture all GPU work enqueued by the command encoder up to the given render stage.


func waitForFence(MTLFence, before: MTLRenderStages)

Prevents further GPU work to be enqueued by the command encoder until the given fence is reached for the given render stage.


func memoryBarrier(scope: MTLBarrierScope, after: MTLRenderStages, before: MTLRenderStages)

Encodes a barrier so that data written to memory by commands encoded before the barrier is available to commands encoded after the barrier.


struct MTLRenderStages

The render stages at which a synchronization command is triggered.

struct MTLBarrierScope

Describes the types of resources that a barrier operates on.

func textureBarrier()

Ensures that any texture reads issued after the barrier can safely read from any rendering to those textures performed before the barrier.