A group of render targets that hold the results of a render pass.


class MTLRenderPassDescriptor : NSObject


A MTLRenderPassDescriptor object contains a collection of attachments that are the rendering destination for pixels generated by a rendering pass. The MTLRenderPassDescriptor class is also used to set the destination buffer for visibility information generated by a rendering pass.


Specifying the Attachments for a Rendering Pass

var colorAttachments: MTLRenderPassColorAttachmentDescriptorArray

An array of state information for attachments that store color data.

var depthAttachment: MTLRenderPassDepthAttachmentDescriptor!

State information for an attachment that stores depth data.

var stencilAttachment: MTLRenderPassStencilAttachmentDescriptor!

State information for an attachment that stores stencil data.

Specifying the Visibility Result Buffer

var visibilityResultBuffer: MTLBuffer?

The destination for the GPU to write visibility information when samples pass the depth and stencil tests.

Layered Rendering

Rendering to Multiple Texture Slices in a Draw Command

Select a destination texture slice in your vertex shader.

var renderTargetArrayLength: Int

The number of active layers that all attachments must have for layered rendering.

var renderTargetWidth: Int

The width, in pixels, to constrain the render target to.

var renderTargetHeight: Int

The height, in pixels, to constrain the render target to.

Using Programmable Sample Positions

struct MTLSamplePosition

A sample position on a subpixel grid.

func MTLSamplePositionMake(Float, Float) -> MTLSamplePosition

Returns a new sample position on a subpixel grid.

func setSamplePositions([MTLSamplePosition])

Sets the programmable sample positions for a render pass.

func getSamplePositions() -> [MTLSamplePosition]

Returns the programmable sample positions set for a render pass.

Specifying Tile Shading Parameters

var imageblockSampleLength: Int

The per-sample size, in bytes, of the largest explicit imageblock layout in the render pass.

var threadgroupMemoryLength: Int

The per-tile size, in bytes, of the persistent threadgroup memory allocation.

var tileWidth: Int

The tile width, in pixels.

var tileHeight: Int

The tile height, in pixels.

Specifying Sample Counts

var defaultRasterSampleCount: Int

The raster sample count for the render pass when no attachments are given.


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