Instance Property


Indicates whether the alpha channel values for colorAttachments are forced to 1.0, which is the largest representable value.


var isAlphaToOneEnabled: Bool { get set }


The default value is false.

If enabled, alpha channel fragment values are only forced for colorAttachments[0]. Other attachments are unaffected.

You may use alphaToOneEnabled when you want to write an alpha value that represents partial coverage of the pixel, but also want to disable blending (by forcing alpha to one).

See Also

Specifying Rasterization and Visibility State

var sampleCount: Int

The number of samples in each fragment.

var isAlphaToCoverageEnabled: Bool

Indicates whether the alpha channel fragment output for colorAttachments is read and used to compute a sample coverage mask.

var isRasterizationEnabled: Bool

Determines whether primitives are rasterized.

var inputPrimitiveTopology: MTLPrimitiveTopologyClass

Indicates the type of primitive topology being rendered.

var rasterSampleCount: Int

The number of samples in each fragment.

enum MTLPrimitiveTopologyClass

The primitive topologies available for rendering.