An encoder that encodes commands that modify resource configurations.


protocol MTLResourceStateCommandEncoder


Use a resource state command encoder to manage memory mappings for sparse textures.

Your app does not define classes that implement this protocol. To create a MTLResourceStateCommandEncoder object, call the makeResourceStateCommandEncoder() method of the MTLCommandBuffer object into which you want to encode blit commands. Next, call methods on the MTLResourceStateCommandEncoder object to enqueue state updates. Finally, call endEncoding() to finish the encoding process.


Updating Texture Memory Assignments

func updateTextureMapping(MTLTexture, mode: MTLSparseTextureMappingMode, region: MTLRegion, mipLevel: Int, slice: Int)

Encodes a command to update the texture mappings for a region in a single texture mipmap.


enum MTLSparseTextureMappingMode

Options for sparse texture mapping.

Updating Texture Memory Assignments Indirectly

func updateTextureMapping(MTLTexture, mode: MTLSparseTextureMappingMode, indirectBuffer: MTLBuffer, indirectBufferOffset: Int)

Encodes a command to update a texture's memory mappings, specifying the parameters indirectly.


struct MTLMapIndirectArguments

The data layout for mapping sparse texture regions when using indirect commands.

Performing Fence Operations

func update(MTLFence)

Updates the given fence to capture all GPU work that the command encoder has enqueued up to this point.


func wait(for: MTLFence)

Prevents the command encoder from enqueuing further GPU commands until the given fence is reached.



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