An object that describes the input and output data of a function.


class MTLStageInputOutputDescriptor : NSObject


Describing Argument Layouts

var attributes: MTLAttributeDescriptorArray

An array that describes where and how to fetch data for the function.

var layouts: MTLBufferLayoutDescriptorArray

An array that describes how data is fetched for the function.

Declaring Index Buffers for Indirect Compute Commands

var indexBufferIndex: Int

The location of the index buffer for a compute function using indexed thread addressing.

var indexType: MTLIndexType

The data type of the indices stored in the index buffer.

Resetting the Descriptor

func reset()

Resets the default state for the descriptor.


Inherits From

See Also

Specifying Buffer Layouts and Fetch Behavior

var stageInputDescriptor: MTLStageInputOutputDescriptor?

The organization of input and output data for the compute function.

class MTLAttributeDescriptor

An object that describes an argument's format and where its data is stored in memory.

class MTLBufferLayoutDescriptor

An object that configures how input data for an attribute is fetched by a function.