An object that provides information about a field in a struct.


class MTLStructMember : NSObject


MTLStructMember is part of the reflection API that allows Metal framework code to query details about an argument of a Metal shading language function. A MTLStructMember object describes the data type of one field in a struct that is passed as a MTLFunction argument, which is represented by MTLArgument.

Don't create MTLStructMember objects directly. You obtain a MTLStructMember object from either the members property or the memberByName(_:) method of a MTLStructType object. The dataType property of the MTLStructMember object tells you what kind of data is stored in the member. Recursively drill down every struct member until you reach a data type that is neither a struct nor an array.


Describing the Struct Member

var name: String

The name of the struct member.

var dataType: MTLDataType

The data type of the struct member.

var offset: Int

The location of this member relative to the start of its struct, in bytes.

var argumentIndex: Int

The index in the argument table that corresponds to the struct member.

Obtaining Struct Member Details

func arrayType() -> MTLArrayType?

Provides a description of the underlying array when the struct member holds an array.

func structType() -> MTLStructType?

Provides a description of the underlying struct when the struct member holds a struct.

func pointerType() -> MTLPointerType?

Provides a description of the underlying pointer when the struct member holds a pointer.

func textureReferenceType() -> MTLTextureReferenceType?

Provides a description of the underlying texture when the struct member holds a texture.


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Obtaining Information about Struct Members

var members: [MTLStructMember]

An array of objects that describe the fields in the struct.

func memberByName(String) -> MTLStructMember?

Provides a representation of a struct member.

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