Instance Method


Creates a remote texture view for another GPU in the same peer group.



- (id<MTLTexture>)newRemoteTextureViewForDevice:(id<MTLDevice>)device;


The device object that created this texture, and the device object passed into this method, must have the same nonzero peer group identifier (peerGroupID). This texture must either use the private storage mode (MTLStorageModePrivate) or be backed by an IOSurface.

A remote view doesn't allocate any storage for the new texture; it references the memory allocated for the original texture. You can use remote views only as a source for copy commands encoded by a MTLBlitCommandEncoder. For more information, see Transferring Data Between Connected GPUs.

See Also

Creating Views of Textures on Other GPUs


The texture on another GPU that the texture was created from, if any.