Type Property


An option for reading or sampling from the texture in a shader.


static var shaderRead: MTLTextureUsage { get }


Set this option if you access the given texture with a read() or sample() function in any shader. This option enables the access::read and access::sample attributes for the texture. For more information about texture functions and access attributes, see Metal Shading Language Guide.

If the texture is a read-write texture that you also access with a write() function in the same shader, set the shaderWrite option to enable the access::read_write attribute.

See Also

Specifying Texture Usage Options

static var unknown: MTLTextureUsage

An option for a texture whose usage is unknown.

static var shaderWrite: MTLTextureUsage

An option for writing to the texture in a shader.

static var renderTarget: MTLTextureUsage

An option for rendering to the texture in a render pass.

static var pixelFormatView: MTLTextureUsage

An option for creating texture views.