Instance Property


The number of samples in each fragment.


var rasterSampleCount: Int { get set }


The default value is 1. This value is used only if the pipeline render targets support multisampling. If the render targets don't support multisampling, then this value must be 1.

When a MTLRenderCommandEncoder object is created, the sampleCount value of all the render target textures must match this sampleCount value. Furthermore, the texture type of all render target textures must be MTLTextureType.type2DMultisample.

Support for different sample count values varies by device. Call the supportsTextureSampleCount(_:) method to determine whether your desired sample count value is supported.

See Also

Specifying Rasterization and Visibility State

var threadgroupSizeMatchesTileSize: Bool

A Boolean that indicates whether all threadgroups associated with this pipeline will cover tiles completely.