An object that configures new render pipeline state objects for tile shading.


class MTLTileRenderPipelineDescriptor : NSObject


Specifying Graphics Functions and Associated Data

var tileFunction: MTLFunction

The kernel or fragment function that serves as the tile shader for this pipeline.

var tileBuffers: MTLPipelineBufferDescriptorArray

An array that contains the buffer mutability options for a render pipeline's tile function.

class MTLPipelineBufferDescriptor

An object that contains the mutability options for buffers used in a render or compute pass.

Specifying Rasterization and Visibility State

var threadgroupSizeMatchesTileSize: Bool

A Boolean that indicates whether all threadgroups associated with this pipeline will cover tiles completely.

var rasterSampleCount: Int

The number of samples in each fragment.

Specifying Rendering Pipeline State

func reset()

Specifies the default rendering pipeline state values for the descriptor.

class MTLTileRenderPipelineColorAttachmentDescriptor

A color render target that specifies the pixel format associated with a tile shading render pipeline.

class MTLTileRenderPipelineColorAttachmentDescriptorArray

An array of color attachment descriptors for the tile render pipeline.

Identifying Properties

var label: String?

A string that identifies the tile pipeline descriptor.

Specifying Threads per Threadgroup


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See Also

Creating Render Pipeline State Objects

class MTLRenderPipelineDescriptor

An argument of options you pass to a device to get a render pipeline state object.

protocol MTLRenderPipelineState

An object that contains the graphics functions and configuration state used in a render pass.