An array of MTLVertexAttributeDescriptor objects.


class MTLVertexAttributeDescriptorArray : NSObject


A MTLVertexAttributeDescriptorArray object is an array of objects that defines how vertex attribute data is formatted and assigned to an index in the attribute argument table. The methods of MTLVertexAttributeDescriptorArray set or retrieve the attribute formatting information from the array.


Accessing a Specified Vertex Attribute

subscript(Int) -> MTLVertexAttributeDescriptor!

Returns the state of the specified vertex attribute.


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Specifying Buffer Layouts and Fetch Behavior

var vertexDescriptor: MTLVertexDescriptor?

The organization of vertex data in an attribute’s argument table.

class MTLVertexDescriptor

An object that describes how vertex data is organized and mapped to a vertex function.

class MTLVertexAttributeDescriptor

An object that determines how attribute data is stored in memory and how it is mapped to the arguments of a vertex function.

class MTLVertexBufferLayoutDescriptor

An object that configures how vertex data and attributes are fetched by a vertex function.