An array of MTLVertexBufferLayoutDescriptor objects.


class MTLVertexBufferLayoutDescriptorArray : NSObject


A MTLVertexBufferLayoutDescriptorArray holds an array of vertex buffer layout states. The methods of MTLVertexBufferLayoutDescriptorArray set the vertex buffer layout state in the array or retrieve the state from the array.


Accessing a Specified Vertex Buffer Layout

subscript(Int) -> MTLVertexBufferLayoutDescriptor!

Returns the state of the specified vertex buffer layout.


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Specifying Buffer Layouts and Fetch Behavior

var vertexDescriptor: MTLVertexDescriptor?

The organization of vertex data in an attribute’s argument table.

class MTLVertexDescriptor

An object that describes how vertex data is organized and mapped to a vertex function.

class MTLVertexAttributeDescriptor

An object that determines how attribute data is stored in memory and how it is mapped to the arguments of a vertex function.

class MTLVertexBufferLayoutDescriptor

An object that configures how vertex data and attributes are fetched by a vertex function.