Instance Property


The sample count used to generate the multisampleColorTexture object.


var sampleCount: Int { get set }


Support for different sample count values varies by device object. Call the supportsTextureSampleCount(_:) method to determine if the device object supports the sample count you want.

The default value is 1. When you set a value greater than 1, the view creates and configures an intermediate set of multisample textures. The pixel format is the same as the one specified for the drawable; see colorPixelFormat. When the view creates a render pass descriptor, the render pass uses those intermediate textures as the color render targets, with a store action to resolve these multisample textures into the drawable’s texture (MTLStoreAction.multisampleResolve).

See Also

Configuring Multisampling

var multisampleColorAttachmentTextureUsage: MTLTextureUsage

The texture usage characteristics that the view uses when creating multisample textures.