Instance Property


A multisample color sample texture resolved into the currentDrawable object’s texture.


var multisampleColorTexture: MTLTexture? { get }


The format of this texture is determined by the value of the colorPixelFormat and sampleCount properties.

The default value is nil. This value is also nil if the specified pixel format is MTLPixelFormat.invalid, or if sampleCount is less than or equal to 1.

See Also

Generated Render Target Objects

var currentRenderPassDescriptor: MTLRenderPassDescriptor?

A render pass descriptor generated from the current drawable’s texture, the view’s buffers, and the view’s clear values.

var currentDrawable: CAMetalDrawable?

The drawable to be used for the current frame.

var depthStencilTexture: MTLTexture?

A packed depth/stencil texture attached to the currentDrawable object’s texture.