MetalPerformanceShaders Enumerations

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enum MPSAccelerationStructureStatus

Constants that indicate an acceleration structure build state.

enum MPSBoundingBoxIntersectionTestType

Options for the intersection test type for a ray intersector bounding box.

enum MPSCNNLossType

Constants that indicate supported loss filter types.

enum MPSCNNReductionType

Constants that indicate supported reduction types.

enum MPSCNNWeightsQuantizationType

Options that specify the type of quantization used to generate unsigned integer weights.

enum MPSIntersectionDataType

Options that determine the data contained in an intersection result.

enum MPSIntersectionType

Options that determine an intersection type for a ray intersector.

enum MPSNNRegularizationType

Options that define the regularization type.

enum MPSRNNMatrixId

Options that define which matrix is copied in or out of a trainable RNN layer.

enum MPSRayDataType

Options for the data type for an intersector ray.

enum MPSStateResourceType

Options for the underlying resource type for a state object.

enum MPSTransformType

Constants that indicate instance transformation types.

enum MPSTriangleIntersectionTestType

Options for the ray-triangle intersection test.