An addition operator.


class MPSCNNAdd : MPSCNNArithmetic



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Arithmetic Layers

class MPSCNNAddGradient

A gradient addition operator.

class MPSCNNSubtract

A subtraction operator.

class MPSCNNSubtractGradient

A gradient subtraction operator.

class MPSCNNMultiply

A multiply operator.

class MPSCNNMultiplyGradient

A gradient multiply operator.

class MPSCNNDivide

A division operator.

class MPSCNNArithmetic

The base class for arithmetic operators.

class MPSCNNArithmeticGradient

The base class for gradient arithmetic operators.

class MPSCNNArithmeticGradientState

An object that stores the clamp mask used by gradient arithmetic operators.

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