The base class for gradient arithmetic operators.


class MPSCNNArithmeticGradient : MPSCNNGradientKernel


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Arithmetic Layers

class MPSCNNAdd

An addition operator.

class MPSCNNAddGradient

A gradient addition operator.

class MPSCNNSubtract

A subtraction operator.

class MPSCNNSubtractGradient

A gradient subtraction operator.

class MPSCNNMultiply

A multiply operator.

class MPSCNNMultiplyGradient

A gradient multiply operator.

class MPSCNNDivide

A division operator.

class MPSCNNArithmetic

The base class for arithmetic operators.

class MPSCNNArithmeticGradientState

An object that stores the clamp mask used by gradient arithmetic operators.