An object that exposes a gradient convolution kernel's gradient with respect to weights and biases.


class MPSCNNConvolutionGradientState : MPSNNGradientState

See Also

Convolution Layers

class MPSCNNBinaryConvolution

A convolution kernel with binary weights and an input image using binary approximations.

class MPSCNNConvolution

A convolution kernel that convolves the input image with a set of filters, with each producing one feature map in the output image.

class MPSCNNDepthWiseConvolutionDescriptor

A description of a convolution object that does depthwise convolution.

class MPSCNNSubPixelConvolutionDescriptor

A description of a convolution object that does subpixel upsampling and reshaping.

class MPSCNNConvolutionTranspose

A transposed convolution kernel.

class MPSCNNConvolutionGradient

A gradient convolution kernel.

protocol MPSImageSizeEncodingState

A protocol for objects that contain information about an image size elsewhere in the graph.

class MPSCNNConvolutionWeightsAndBiasesState

A class that stores weights and biases.

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