A representation of a gradient instance normalization kernel.


class MPSCNNInstanceNormalizationGradientNode : MPSNNGradientFilterNode

See Also

Normalization Layer Nodes

class MPSCNNCrossChannelNormalizationNode

A representation of a normalization kernel across feature channels.

class MPSCNNLocalContrastNormalizationNode

A representation of a local-contrast normalization kernel.

class MPSCNNSpatialNormalizationNode

A representation of a spatial normalization kernel.

class MPSCNNBatchNormalizationGradientNode

A representation of a gradient batch normalization kernel.

class MPSCNNBatchNormalizationNode

A representation of a batch normalization kernel.

protocol MPSCNNBatchNormalizationDataSource

A protocol that defines methods that a batch normalization state uses to initialize scale factors, bias terms, and batch statistics.

protocol MPSCNNInstanceNormalizationDataSource

A protocol that defines methods that an instance normalization uses to initialize scale factors and bias terms.

class MPSCNNInstanceNormalizationNode

A representation of an instance normalization kernel.

class MPSCNNLocalContrastNormalizationGradientNode

A representation of a gradient local-contrast normalization kernel.

class MPSCNNSpatialNormalizationGradientNode

A representation of a gradient spatial normalization kernel.

class MPSCNNNormalizationNode

Virtual base class for CNN normalization nodes.