A gradient local-contrast normalization kernel.


class MPSCNNLocalContrastNormalizationGradient : MPSCNNGradientKernel


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Normalization Layers

class MPSCNNCrossChannelNormalization

A normalization kernel applied across feature channels.

class MPSCNNCrossChannelNormalizationGradient

A gradient normalization kernel applied across feature channels.

class MPSCNNLocalContrastNormalization

A local-contrast normalization kernel.

class MPSCNNSpatialNormalization

A spatial normalization kernel.

class MPSCNNSpatialNormalizationGradient

A gradient spatial normalization kernel.

class MPSCNNBatchNormalization

A batch normalization kernel.

class MPSCNNBatchNormalizationGradient

A gradient batch normalization kernel.

class MPSCNNBatchNormalizationState

An object that stores data required to execute batch normalization.

class MPSCNNNormalizationMeanAndVarianceState

An object that stores mean and variance terms used to execute batch normalization.

class MPSCNNBatchNormalizationStatistics

An object that stores statistics required to execute batch normalization.

class MPSCNNBatchNormalizationStatisticsGradient

An object that stores the gradient of the loss function with respect to the batch statistics and batch normalization weights.

class MPSCNNInstanceNormalization

An instance normalization kernel.

class MPSCNNInstanceNormalizationGradient

A gradient instance normalization kernel.

class MPSCNNInstanceNormalizationGradientState

An object that stores information required to execute a gradient pass for instance normalization.

class MPSCNNNormalizationGammaAndBetaState

An object that stores gamma and beta terms used to apply a scale and bias in instance- or batch-normalization operations.