A representation of an absolute neuron filter.


class MPSCNNNeuronAbsoluteNode : MPSCNNNeuronNode


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Neuron Layer Nodes

class MPSCNNNeuronELUNode

A representation of a parametric ELU neuron filter.

class MPSCNNNeuronHardSigmoidNode

A representation of a hard sigmoid neuron filter.

class MPSCNNNeuronLinearNode

A representation of a linear neuron filter.

class MPSCNNNeuronPReLUNode

A representation a PReLU neuron filter.

class MPSCNNNeuronReLUNNode

A representation a ReLUN neuron filter.

class MPSCNNNeuronReLUNode

A representation a ReLU neuron filter.

class MPSCNNNeuronSigmoidNode

A representation of a sigmoid neuron filter.

class MPSCNNNeuronSoftPlusNode

A representation of a parametric softplus neuron filter.

class MPSCNNNeuronSoftSignNode

A representation of a softsign neuron filter.

class MPSCNNNeuronTanHNode

A representation of a hyperbolic tangent neuron filter.

class MPSCNNNeuronExponentialNode

A representation of an exponential neuron filter.

class MPSCNNNeuronGradientNode

A representation of a gradient exponential neuron filter.

class MPSCNNNeuronLogarithmNode

A representation of a logarithm neuron filter.

class MPSCNNNeuronPowerNode

A representation of a power neuron filter.

class MPSCNNNeuronNode

The virtual base class for MPS CNN neuron nodes.

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