A softsign neuron filter.


class MPSCNNNeuronSoftSign : MPSCNNNeuron


For each pixel in an image, the filter applies the following function:

f(x) = x / (1 + abs(x))



init(device: MTLDevice)

Initializes a softsign neuron filter.



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Neuron Layers

class MPSCNNNeuronAbsolute

An absolute neuron filter.

class MPSCNNNeuronELU

A parametric ELU neuron filter.

class MPSCNNNeuronHardSigmoid

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class MPSCNNNeuronPReLU

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class MPSCNNNeuron

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class MPSCNNNeuronPower

A power neuron filter.

class MPSNNNeuronDescriptor

An object that specifies properties used by a neuron kernel.

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