An average pooling filter.


class MPSCNNPoolingAverage : MPSCNNPooling


For each pixel in an image, the filter returns the average value of the pixels in the filter region defined by kernelWidth x kernelHeight.

When the value of the edgeMode property is set to MPSImageEdgeMode.clamp, the filtering window is shrunk to remain within the source image borders. For pixels close to the image borders, the filtering window will be smaller in order to fit inside the source image and less values will be used to compute the average value. In case the filtering window is entirely outside the source image border, the output value will be 0.


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Pooling Layers

class MPSCNNPoolingAverageGradient

A gradient average pooling filter.

class MPSCNNPoolingL2Norm

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class MPSCNNDilatedPoolingMax

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class MPSCNNPooling

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A gradient pooling kernel.

class MPSCNNDilatedPoolingMaxGradient

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