An L2-norm pooling filter.


class MPSCNNPoolingL2Norm : MPSCNNPooling


For each pixel, returns L2-Norm of pixels in the kernelWidth * kernelHeight filter region:

out[c,x,y] = sqrt ( sum_{dx,dy} in[c,x+dx,y+dy] * in[c,x+dx,y+dy] )


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Pooling Layers

class MPSCNNPoolingAverage

An average pooling filter.

class MPSCNNPoolingAverageGradient

A gradient average pooling filter.

class MPSCNNPoolingMax

A max pooling filter.

class MPSCNNDilatedPoolingMax

A dilated max pooling filter.

class MPSCNNPooling

A pooling kernel.

class MPSCNNPoolingGradient

A gradient pooling kernel.

class MPSCNNDilatedPoolingMaxGradient

A gradient dilated max pooling filter.

class MPSCNNPoolingL2NormGradient

A gradient L2-norm pooling filter.

class MPSCNNPoolingMaxGradient

A gradient max pooling filter.

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