A filter that resamples an existing MPS image.


class MPSCNNUpsampling : MPSCNNKernel


This filter can be used to resample an existing MPSImage using a different sampling frequency for the x and y dimensions with the purpose of enlarging the size of an image.

The number of output feature channels remains the same as the number of input feature channels.

The scaleFactor must be an integer value >= 1. The default value is 1.

Nearest and bilinear variants are supported.


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Upsampling Layers

class MPSCNNUpsamplingBilinear

A bilinear spatial upsampling filter.

class MPSCNNUpsamplingNearest

A nearest spatial upsampling filter.

class MPSCNNUpsamplingBilinearGradient

A gradient bilinear spatial upsampling filter.

class MPSCNNUpsamplingGradient

A gradient filter that upsamples an existing Metal Performance Shaders image.

class MPSCNNUpsamplingNearestGradient

A gradient upsampling filter that samples the pixel nearest to the source when upsampling to the destination pixel.