Instance Property


The underlying texture.


var texture: MTLTexture { get }


This is a 2D texture if numberOfImages=1 and featureChannels<=4. It is a 2D texture array otherwise.

To avoid the high cost of premature allocation of the underlying texture, avoid accessing this property except when strictly necessary. Calls to the encode methods of an MPSCNNKernel object typically cause their arguments to become allocated. Likewise, MPSImage objects initialized with the init(texture:featureChannels:) method have already been allocated.

See Also


var device: MTLDevice

The device on which the image will be used.

var width: Int

The formal width of the image, in pixels.

var height: Int

The formal height of the image, in pixels.

var featureChannels: Int

The number of feature channels per pixel.

var numberOfImages: Int

The number of images for batch processing.

enum MTLTextureType

The dimension of each image, including whether multiple images are arranged into an array or a cube.

var pixelFormat: MTLPixelFormat

The pixel format of the underlying texture.

enum MTLPixelFormat

The data formats that describe the organization and characteristics of individual pixels in a texture.

var precision: Int

The number of bits of numeric precision available for each feature channel.

var usage: MTLTextureUsage

The intended usage of the underlying texture.

struct MTLTextureUsage

An enumeration for the various options that determine how you can use a texture.

var pixelSize: Int

The number of bytes from the first byte of one pixel to the first byte of the next pixel, in storage order. (Includes padding.)

protocol MTLTexture

A resource that holds formatted image data.

var label: String?

A string to help identify this object.