A class that copies image data to a matrix.


class MPSImageCopyToMatrix : MPSKernel


This kernel copies image data to a MPSMatrix object. The image data is stored in a row of a matrix. The dataLayout specifies the order in which the feature channels in the image get stored in the matrix. If the MPSImage stores a batch of images, the images are copied into multiple rows, one row per image.

The number of elements in a row in the matrix must be greater than the image width multiplied its height multiplied by the number of featureChannels in the image.


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Matrix Copying Operations

class MPSMatrixCopy

A class that can perform multiple matrix copy operations.

class MPSMatrixCopyToImage

A kernel that copies matrix data to a Metal Performance Shaders image.

class MPSMatrixCopyDescriptor

A description of multiple matrix copy operations.