A description of the attributes used to create an MPSImage.


class MPSImageDescriptor : NSObject


You use an MPSImageDescriptor to describe and create the properties of an MPSImage such as its size, pixel format and CPU cache mode.



init(channelFormat: MPSImageFeatureChannelFormat, width: Int, height: Int, featureChannels: Int, numberOfImages: Int, usage: MTLTextureUsage)

Creates an image descriptor for an image container with options to set texture usage and batch size (number of images).


var width: Int

The width of the image.

var height: Int

The height of the image.

var featureChannels: Int

The number of feature channels per pixel.

var numberOfImages: Int

The number of images for batch processing.

var pixelFormat: MTLPixelFormat

The pixel format for the underlying texture.

var channelFormat: MPSImageFeatureChannelFormat

The storage format to use for each channel in the image.

var cpuCacheMode: MTLCPUCacheMode

The CPU cache mode of the underlying texture.

var storageMode: MTLStorageMode

The storage mode of underlying texture.

var usage: MTLTextureUsage

Options to specify the intended usage of the underlying texture.


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