A filter that computes the histogram of an image.


class MPSImageHistogram : MPSKernel


Typically, you use an MPSImageHistogram filter to calculate an image's histogram that is passed to a subsequent filter such as MPSImageHistogramEqualization or MPSImageHistogramSpecification.

Listing 1 shows how you can create a histogram filter to calculate the histogram of the MTLTexture, sourceTexture. The filter is passed an instance of MPSImageHistogramInfo that specifies information to compute the histogram for the channels of an image. After encoding, histogramInfoBuffer contains the histogram information and can be used for further operations such as equalization or specification.

Listing 1

Creating a histogram filter

var histogramInfo = MPSImageHistogramInfo(
    numberOfHistogramEntries: 256,
    histogramForAlpha: false,
    minPixelValue: vector_float4(0,0,0,0),
    maxPixelValue: vector_float4(1,1,1,1))
let calculation = MPSImageHistogram(device: device,
                                    histogramInfo: &histogramInfo)
     let bufferLength = calculation.histogramSize(forSourceFormat: sourceTexture.pixelFormat)let histogramInfoBuffer = device.makeBuffer(length: bufferLength, 
                                            options: [.storageModePrivate])
calculation.encode(to: commandBuffer,
                   sourceTexture: sourceTexture,
                   histogram: histogramInfoBuffer,
                   histogramOffset: 0)



struct MPSImageHistogramInfo

The information used to compute the histogram channels of an image.

func encode(to: MTLCommandBuffer, sourceTexture: MTLTexture, histogram: MTLBuffer, histogramOffset: Int)

Encodes the filter to a command buffer using a compute command encoder.

func histogramSize(forSourceFormat: MTLPixelFormat) -> Int

The amount of space the histogram will take up in the output buffer.


var clipRectSource: MTLRegion

The source rectangle to use when reading data.

var zeroHistogram: Bool

Determines whether to zero-initialize the histogram results.

var histogramInfo: MPSImageHistogramInfo

A structure describing the histogram content.


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Histogram Image Filters

class MPSImageHistogramEqualization

A filter that equalizes the histogram of an image.

class MPSImageHistogramSpecification

A filter that performs a histogram specification operation on an image.