A matrix multiplication kernel.


class MPSMatrixMultiplication : MPSKernel


An MPSMatrixMultiplication object computes the following operation:

C = alpha * op(A) * op(B) + beta * C

Where A, B, and C are matrices represented by MPSMatrix objects, and alpha and beta are scalar values of the same data type as the values of C. A and B may each have an optional transposition operation applied.

Matrices A, B, and C are also referred to as the left input matrix, the right input matrix, and the result matrix respectively.


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Matrix Arithmetic Operations

class MPSMatrixSum

A kernel for performing a pointwise summation of a matrix.

class MPSMatrixVectorMultiplication

A matrix-vector multiplication kernel

class MPSMatrixFindTopK

A kernel for computing the top-K values and their corresponding indices in a matrix.