A representation of an subtraction operator.


class MPSNNSubtractionNode : MPSNNBinaryArithmeticNode


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Arithmetic Layer Nodes

class MPSNNAdditionNode

A representation of an addition operator.

class MPSNNAdditionGradientNode

A representation of a gradient addition operator.

class MPSNNSubtractionGradientNode

A representation of a gradient subtraction operator.

class MPSNNMultiplicationNode

A representation of a multiplication operator.

class MPSNNMultiplicationGradientNode

A representation of a gradient multiplication operator.

class MPSNNDivisionNode

A representation of a division operator.

class MPSNNBinaryArithmeticNode

Virtual base class for basic arithmetic nodes.

class MPSNNArithmeticGradientNode

A representation of the base class for gradient arithmetic operators.

class MPSNNArithmeticGradientStateNode

A representation of the clamp mask used by gradient arithmetic operators.