An opaque data container for large storage in MPS CNN filters.


class MPSState : NSObject


Some MPS CNN kernels produce additional information beyond an MPSImage. These may be pooling indices where the result came from, convolution weights, or other information not contained in the usual MPSImage result from a MPSCNNKernel. An MPSState object typically contains one or more expensive MTLResource objects such as textures or buffers to store this information. It provides a base class with interfaces for managing this storage. Child classes may add additional functionality specific to their contents.

Some MPSState objects are temporary. Temporary state objects, for example, MPSTemporaryImage and MPSTemporaryMatrix, are for very short lived storage, perhaps just a few lines of code within the scope of a single MTLCommandBuffer. They are very efficient for storage, as several temporary objects can share the same memory over the course of a command buffer. This can improve both memory usage and time spent in the kernel wiring down memory and such. You may find that some large CNN tasks can not be computed without them, as nontemporary storage would simply take up too much memory.

In exchange, the lifetime of the underlying storage in temporary MPSState objects needs to be carefully managed. ARC often waits until the end of scope to release objects. Temporary storage often needs to be released sooner than that. Consequently the lifetime of the data in the underlying Metal resources is managed by a readCount property. Each time a MPSCNNKernel reads a temporary MPSState object the readCount is automatically decremented. When it reaches 0, the underlying storage is recycled for use by other MPS temporary objects, and the data is becomes undefined. If you need to consume the data multiple times, you should set the readCount to a larger number to prevent the data from becoming undefined. You may set the readCount to 0 yourself to return the storage to MPS, if for any reason, you realize that the MPSState object will no longer be used.

The contents of a temporary MPSState object are only valid from creation to the time the readCount reaches 0. The data is only valid for the MTLCommandBuffer on which it was created. Nontemporary MPSState objects are valid on any MTLCommandBuffer on the same device until they are released.


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