Instance Property


The edge mode to use when texture reads stray off the edge of an image.


var edgeMode: MPSImageEdgeMode { get set }


Most kernel objects can read off the edge of a source image. This can happen because of a negative offset property, because the offset + clipRect.size is larger than the source image, or because the filter uses neighboring pixels in its calculations (e.g. convolution filters).

The default value is usually, but some kernels default to the MPSImageEdgeMode.clamp value instead if an edge mode of zero is either unsupported or undefined.

See Also


var offset: MPSOffset

The position of the destination clip rectangle origin relative to the source buffer.

struct MPSOffset

A signed coordinate with x, y, and z components.

var clipRect: MTLRegion

An optional clip rectangle to use when writing data. Only the pixels in the rectangle will be overwritten.

struct MPSRegion

A region of an image.

enum MPSImageEdgeMode

The options used to control the edge behavior of an image filter when it reads outside the bounds of a source texture.