A data object representing the captured data for a custom metric.


class MXSignpostIntervalData : NSObject


Reading Histogrammed Custom Metric Durations

var histogrammedSignpostDuration: MXHistogram<UnitDuration>

A histogram of the different time intervals of a custom metric event.

Reading Power and Performance Information

var averageMemory: MXAverage<UnitInformationStorage>?

The average memory used during the logged intervals.

var cumulativeCPUTime: Measurement<UnitDuration>?

The total amount of CPU time used during the logged intervals.

var cumulativeLogicalWrites: Measurement<UnitInformationStorage>?

The total amount of data written to disk or other long term storage during the logged intervals.


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Reading Custom Metric Data

var signpostIntervalData: MXSignpostIntervalData?

The data captured for a custom metric.