Instance Property


A vector that controls the roundness of a superelliptical light in the x- and y-axis directions.


var superEllipticPower: vector_float2 { get set }


This property applies only if the inherited lightType property’s value is MDLLightType.superElliptical. A superellipse is a two-dimensional figure that can vary in shape according to two parameters. The x- and y-components of this vector control the general shape of the figure along the corresponding axes:

  • A value less than 1.0 produces a star-like shape, with points in the direction of each axis.

  • A value of exactly 1.0 produces a diamond shape.

  • A value of exactly 2.0 produces a circle.

  • A value greater than 2.0 produces a rectangle with rounded corners, with increasing values decreasing the corner radius.

See Also

Managing a Light’s Shape

var areaRadius: Float

The radius, in units of local coordinate space, of the area from which light emanates.

var aspect: Float

The aspect ratio of the light’s shape.

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