Instance Method


Writes asset data to a file at the specified URL.


- (BOOL)exportAssetToURL:(NSURL *)URL;



A URL specifying the location to export asset data to. This parameter must be a file: URL.

Return Value

YES if export succeeded; otherwise, NO.


For best results, use the exportAssetToURL:error: method so that you can respond to possible errors during export.

The MDLAsset class infers the data format to export in from the pathExtension property of the specified URL. To determine whether a format is supported for export, call the canExportFileExtension: method.

See Also

Exporting an Asset

+ canExportFileExtension:

Returns a Boolean value that indicates whether the MDLAsset class can write asset data as a file with the specified format extension.

- exportAssetToURL:error:

Writes asset data to a file at the specified URL and reports errors that occur during export.