Type Method


Returns a Boolean value that indicates whether the MDLAsset class can write asset data as a file with the specified format extension.


+ (BOOL)canExportFileExtension:(NSString *)extension;



The filename extension identifying an asset file format.

Return Value

YES if the MDLAsset class can export asset data in the format with the specified extension; otherwise, NO.


If this method returns YES, you can use the exportAssetToURL: method to write an asset to a file using the format identified by the specified extension.

The set of supported formats includes Wavefront Object (.obj) and Standard Tessellation Language (.stl). Additional formats may be supported as well.

See Also

Exporting an Asset

- exportAssetToURL:

Writes asset data to a file at the specified URL.

- exportAssetToURL:error:

Writes asset data to a file at the specified URL and reports errors that occur during export.