Instance Method


Returns a point, in 3D world coordinates, corresponding to the specified 2D view coordinates.


func ray(to pixel: vector_int2, forViewPort size: vector_int2) -> vector_float3



A point in the 2D pixel coordinate system of a possible renderer’s view.


The pixel dimensions of a possible renderer’s view.

Return Value

A set of 3D world coordinates.


This method projects a ray from the camera’s location in the direction of the specified view coordinates, returning the world coordinates where that ray intersects a plane at a distance of 1.0 units (of world coordinate space) away from the camera.

See Also

Managing Camera Perspective

var projectionMatrix: matrix_float4x4

A transformation matrix that determines the extent of a scene visible to the camera.

var projection: MDLCameraProjection

The style of projection transform used by the camera.

enum MDLCameraProjection

Options for camera projection styles, used by the projection property.

var nearVisibilityDistance: Float

The camera's near depth limit.

var farVisibilityDistance: Float

The camera’s far depth limit.

var fieldOfView: Float

The camera’s field of view, in degrees.

var worldToMetersConversionScale: Float

The scale factor to meters from the world coordinate system containing the camera.